part II

As she approaches, the wondering girl realizes that what she was running toward to was the one thing she’s been trying to avoid. A world full of people where one feels alone. Everyone’s so stressed about everything that’s going on in their lives that they forgot what the sky looks like, what birds sound like. The girl was trying to avoid this at all costs because she knew, that just like Medusa’s piercing eyes, once she enters this city, she will be hypnotized, locked inside. Only it was too late.

Or not we can always change the story.

At first you might be thinking, what people Anastasia? I can't see anyone but the girl 😂
Through this eerie feeling, I wanted to show what this huge city felt like for this little girl. Even though it was full of people, the only presence she could really feel, was the one of these huge buildings resembling some monsters who would try to capture you and eat you any second now.

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