Derinkuyu, “one of the most famous underground cities in Cappadocia, built during the Byzantine era, when its inhabitants used it to protect themselves from Muslim Arabs during the Arab-Byzantine wars between the 7th and 11th centuries AD.
It's certainly the deepest underground city in Cappadocia (and in all of Turkey).
In its heyday, the city had two large stone doors that were closed from the inside in case of imminent danger.
Though the inhabitants might have been hiding, they lived their lives to the fullest, as much as they would have in an above-ground town: remains of wine cellars, stables and chapels have all been uncovered. One of the most striking spaces in Derinkuyu is a large room with vaulted ceilings, which is believed to have been a religious school with separate study rooms. It has 8 levels underground carved
from the soft volcanic stone that are connected with each other by narrow tunnels.”

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